We’ve learned lots of lessons scaling Rails apps - many of them the hard way - and we’re documenting those lessons here.

A few important notes about this fieldbook:

  • We’ve limited the why - just like a physical fieldbook is meant to be used as a quick reference guide when traveling in the backcountry, this virtual book is meant to be a companion when actively working on a performance or stability issue.
  • Tools and services - our examples reference and share screenshots of our team’s view of the best tool for the job. Sometimes that tool is open-source and sometimes it is paid. We value our development time and happily pay for services that give us better development flow.
  • Chapters are published as we complete them. You can subscribe to new chapters via RSS or email.
  • The source is on Github. We welcome your comments and suggestions: you can submit a comment or pull request for this fieldbook on Github.

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